Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Last night after enough votes were tallied Congressman Paul Kanjorski called Congressman-elect Lou Barletta to offer his congratulations. Barletta was standing in a campaign office room directly across Broad Street in Hazleton from the location of Kanjorski's downtown headquarters.

I watched through the window of that room where Barletta sought quite refuge as he listened intently to the conversation from Paul Kanjorski. As he emerged from the room he was asked what Paul Kanjorski had to say by his brother.

Lou Barletta stated that the Congressman was "very cordial" and offered his assistance in transitioning the office to Barletta. Barletta had nothing but praise for the Congressman about the consversation.

I watched Congressman Kanjorski's concession speech. He spoke his words with serene sincerity. It was the most professional delivery that I ever witnessed from the Congressman.

It would take too much space to highlight Congressman Kanjorski's career. With his depth of knowledge and contacts I am sure Northeastern Pennsylvania has not heard the last of Paul Kanjorski.

SOP wants to offer thanks to Congressman Kanjorski for his work and dedication to his district. SOP wishes the Congressman well as he embarks on the next phase of life's work.

(My next posts will offer something no news media will be able to write about. You will get a glimpse of election day, a candidate's schedule, the thoughts of the candidate as the day goes on, and what happened during the tally of the results.)

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