Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How Did Lou Spend The Day Campaigning

Friends and his spokesman, Vince Galko, accompanied Lou Barletta to polling locations throughout the day. In this picture Lou Barletta visited Paul Kanjorski's home polling location in Nanticoke during one of those election day stops. Voter turnout was very low at that point.

Lou Barletta had lunch at Eddie's Place (Diner) located at Fox Hill Road (off Route 315) in Plains Township. He had a homemade hot turkey dinner that was all the rave. Their grilled ham and turkey on rye with swiss cheese sandwich was awesome. Warning..a bowl of soup is a BOWL of soup. Wow, and the chicken noodle was nothing short of pure delicious. The waitresses were very cordial and the service was outstanding. Someone was overheard saying how much Paul Kanjorski frequented the diner although he didn't show up yesterday.

Barletta relaxed at THE CIGAR CLUB in Scranton located next door to Congressman Paul Kanjorki's Scranton legislative office. Lights were on in Kanjorski's office but no one was seen until our group left the club.

Supporters and volunteers in the field called regularly to give updates on voter turnout at the polls. At one point Galko commented that voter turnout at Barletta's own polling place, the East End Fire Company building in Hazleton, was the highest in the state at 40% early on. The group, while savoring their cigars, watched Fox News.

Barletta finished the campaign day outside of the Greenwood Firehouse located in Moosic. He greeted voters entering the polling place. He talked and listened to their concerns as well. When he got back in the car to return to Hazleton he said "You know I think I am going to win this."

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