Thursday, November 11, 2010

Eachus's Harrisburg Home For Rent

Before the November election the Times-Tribune penned a story about homes owned in Harrisburg by state legislators including former House Majority Leader Todd Eachus. His spokesman, Brett Marcy, made these statesments over the controversy.

- Mr. Eachus, D-116, Butler Twp., and his wife, Ellen, own a two-story brick townhouse listed as commercial property with apartments at 225 South St., near the Capitol building.

They bought it for $125,000 on Aug. 30, 2005, and have a $100,000, 30-year mortgage on it. The previous owner paid $82,000 for it at a 1996 sheriff's sale. The property is also listed as a source of income on his 2008 financial interest statement.

Efforts to reach Mr. Eachus were unsuccessful, but his spokesman, Brett Marcy, said House rules do not distinguish among types of lodging.

"He incurs food and lodging expenses, so he deserves to be reimbursed for those expenses," he said.

"What you are getting at is whether this is permissible," he added. "The next question is whether it's right. We meet the threshold of whether it is permissible. He's following the rules."

Marcy never did comment on whether it was right.

The Pennsylvania Independent reported on Representative-Elect Tarah Toohil's comments over the controversy.

Ms. Toohil attacked her opponent for his per diem usage, particularly for using $27,000 in per diems to purchase a house in Harrisburg during a time when Pennsylvanians are struggling with an 8.9 percent unemployment rate.

She resoundingly defeated Eachus on November 2nd in what amounted to a stunning victory still talked about in Harrisburg. It will be recorded as one of the most amazing feats, rocking Harrisburg's political scene by coming out of nowhere and kicking the House Majority Leader out of office.

The picture above shows that Eachus put his house up for rent. It must be hard for him to afford a 2nd home when the taxpayers aren't footing the mortgage payments. Any bets on him returning any profit he makes on the sale right back to the state budget? Hmmm...look at it this way. I guess it is better than a sign outside a legislative office that says "For Sale."

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