Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tarah Toohil's Unbelievable Accomplishment

Back in January Tarah Toohil announced that she was considering a run at the 116th Legislative District seat occupied by House Majority Leader Todd Eachus. Through a truly grassroots campaign effort she was able handily defeat Eachus in probably the most stunning political upset in this Pennsylvania election season.

In the most classless handling of the loss it appears Todd Eachus never called Tarah Toohil to congratulate her on the win. According to this report from WNEP 16 Eachus is nowhere to be found.

In the state house Republicans reclaimed the majority for the first time in four years in part by defeating Democratic leader Todd Eachus of the Hazleton area.

Some people thought they would never see Tarah Toohil, a political unknown as a rising star in the republican party.

She beat an unseated Democrat Representative Todd Eachus, the powerful house majority leader.

"I am just elated and I can't thank the people enough. I will be so honored to serve them," said Tarah Toohil.

"Tarah was the surprise of the evening, she got out fast and worked real hard and had the help of Todd Eachus who kept shooting himself in the foot every time he did something he did it wrong," said Joe Yannuzzi, Hazleton Council President.

Traditionally the loser of a political race calls the winner after an election with words of support.

Newswatch 16 asked Toohil if representative Todd Eachus congratulated here? "No," said Toohil. We then asked Toohil what she thought about that? "I wish his family the best, I really do and we are just moving in a new direction," added Toohil.

Newswatch 16 wanted to get some input from representative Eachus about what he thought of his loss. We started at his campaign headquarters, he was not in, then his legislative office where one staffer told us he was out to lunch and another said he wasn't available.

Newswatch 16 tried to contact Eachus by phone this is the recording we got. "The person you are trying to reach is not accepting calls at this time, please try your call later."

There was also no answer at his house in the Drums area.

Newswatch 16 left messages at every location for representative Todd Eachus, but received no response.

SOP went to great lengths acknowledging Paul Kanjorski's sincere congratulations to Lou Barletta. Kanjorski seemed to be relieved that the election was over. He seemed at peace with himself, something that also should be part of his legacy when historians look back. Mr. Eachus would have received the same treatment but there is a saying "Temper tantrums don't require an audience." When historians look back on him the writings won't be so flattering.

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