Thursday, November 25, 2010


I have to admit this. Despite those who thought otherwise I didn't believe Ray Musto was approachable by influence seekers. Call me naive, that's okay but I truly believed Musto to be better than that.

A report by the Times-Tribune has changed my mind. Today, Musto's attorneys' annouced a motion to postpone Musto's day in court. This action came despite yesterday's assertion by the Musto camp that he wanted his day in court. Bring it on and get it over with or not.

Mr. Musto should decide what strategy is best for him.. So far his horse is having trouble getting out of the gate.


Anonymous said...

If the IRS follows Robert Mericles money trail should go all the way to Rendel not if

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure of Musto's guilt or innocence, but I can't blame his attorney requesting a delay. If this was the surprise it appears to be, the arraignment needs to be prepared for in a thorough manner. The long holiday weekend doesn't allow proper preparation. Even if Musto's lawyer works, the court and federal offices are not available for discovery and review by his attorney.
While, many view this as just a plea procedure, many times a good lawyer can get some charges dropped or thrown out over procedural irregularities.
In court proceedings, truth is irrelevant (more important to win is manipulation of perceived fact), on either side, but more-so for the prosecution so a vigilant defense attorney, without the resources of the federal government, must be prepared. If not, that attorney is doing a disservice to his/her client.