Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Latest Budget Battle In Harrisburg

After last year's budget mess in Pennsylvania the Senate is trying to find an acceptable solution to fix the seed of distrust between the Governor's office and the entire Legislature over the numbers used to develop our budget.(or is that THEIR budget?) Lawmakers are expressing support for an independent fiscal office to supply them with nonpartisan budget information and analysis as filed in this report by Kari Andren of the Patriot News.

In the electoral process both parties have stated they are trying to get their respective candidates elected so that they can proceed with the party agenda. Hey folks, a novel idea, how about the taxpayers' agenda?

In a slight rebuke of the suggestion Mary Soderberg, Secretary of the Office of the Budget, stated at a hearing on the matter that this independent office would duplicate many of the areas her office personnel perform in formulating a budget.

Just like the White House And Congress Pennsylvania lawmakers are trying to create a comparable framework of offices to help formulate the budget.

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