Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ponder These Facts

In the United States there are 435 Congressmen/women and 100 Senators for over 307 million people. In Pennsylvania there are 203 House of Representatives(equal to Congress) and 50 Senators for a mere 12.6 million residents. If there was one more state like Pennsylvania were could be our own country...Not. If that simple statistic doesn't let Pennsylvania residents know how they are being taken then none will.

Ed Rendell duked it out yesterday with Tom Corbett over Corbett's no tax hike pledge. Here's what Rendell had to say.

“When you hear the political candidates — both Democrats and Republicans — say, ‘We don’t have to raise taxes. We can do it by cutting the budget,’ there’s no way they can do it by cutting the budget,” Rendell said.

Rendell, referring to Corbett, said: “I see that the leading Republican just signed a no-tax pledge. He needs to have his head examined.” the first paragraph...I know a good physician who can examine your head any day. Ed's answer is to tax, tax, tax. Ed, lets cut out the "T" and ax, ax, ax.

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