Monday, March 22, 2010


The long awaited trial of Michael Veon et al in what has been dubbed Bonusgate is over with the jury announcing its verdict at 8P.M.

In the order of the announcement:

Mike Veon has been found guilty in 14 of the 59 charges against him. Defendent Brett Cott was found guilty of 3 of 42 charges against him. Stephen Keefer was found not guilty of any charges. Anna Marie Peretta-Rosepink was found guilty in 5 of the 22 charges against her.

Earlier in the day, Dauphin County Judge Richard Lewis denied a defense motion for a mistrial.

The judge was empathetic towards the jury for their length of service and hardship. The jury is discharged and heads home.

Read the story by Tracie Mauriello of the Post Gazette by clicking here.

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