Saturday, November 28, 2009

Paul Kanjorski- When Are We Going To Get Help!!

Unemployment Rate 1999-2009 Source Bureau Of Labor and Statisitcs

Paul Kanjorski campaigned that his senority was needed in Washington. He has been trying to re-invent himself after narrowly winning his seat last election. Well, Paul, tell us when we are going to recover?

Kanjorski stood side by side with Barack Obama during the campaign touting they were "The Right Team." Kanjo said they "would fix America, tax cuts for the middle class, protect Social Security, keep our jobs here at home."

Tax cuts..uhhh a matter of fact we are hearing rumblings of tax increases
Fixed Social Security...No...Read what the CATO Institute has to say about the trouble Social Security is in right now
Keep our jobs here at home....No..Cash For Clunkers helped bring autoworkers back in CANADA.

According to Kanjorski's own website 143,000 jobs were to be saved in Pennsylvania with the economic stimulus package., the government run statistical database on the stimulus progress, lists just 7,427 jobs saved to date. Do the math; its only a little over 5% of what was promised. Congratulations, Paul, that puts us at 27th on the list of Most Jobs Created By State. Some seniority clout.

Look at the unemployment rate chart at the top. Right now we are at 10.2% unemployment with predictions that the rate will remain that high through 2010.

We need another term of Paul Kanjorski like we need a moneyless bank account. Oh, forgot, that's what we will get with another term of Banjo Kanjo.

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Snerd said...

He also campaigned on the fact that he had an "in" with Chairman Obama, and that would be an immense help to the area.