Friday, November 20, 2009

Eachus - No Show At Hazleton Intermodel Dedication

On Monday, November 16, 2009 the City of Hazleton hosted a dedication of its newly constructed Intermodel Transportation Station. Dignitaries from as far away as Harrisburg attended the event. Even Congressman Kanjorski's office sent a representative which demonstrated Mayor Lou Barletta's non-partisan approach to this important occasion.

However, in his typical partisan fashion, Representative Todd Eachus failed to even acknowledge the event. You see that he, nor any representative, is conspicuously absent in the photo. Instead he chose to use his political influence and scheduled a hearing over Hazleton Creek Properties reclamation project, another Hazleton endeavour.

Eachus not only failed to support the mine reclamation project but he has tried unsuccessfully to rally the troops to oppose it. He scheduled that hearing at the Hazleton Area School District Administration building on the same day so he can't claim he wasn't in town. The reason Eachus could not show his face at the Intermodel dedication is his lack of any contribution to the project.

Toby Gruver, Deputy Secretary of Transportation, came all the way from Harrisburg to partake of this event. Eachus couldn't drive from Drums.

You will rarely see SOP refer to Eachus as Representative because he fails miserably at representing the City of Hazleton. Since he is a carpetbagger he has no real ties to the community he represents in Harrisburg. His political science degree steered him to the Hazleton area and he has used this district to foster his own political interests, not the interests of the area.

Eachus has lost his sense of what is really right for the people. The voters don't care about the feud between Eachus and Barletta. They want to know what is going to be accomplished for the region. When Eachus tries to tackle Barletta he misses the point that most of the electorate could care less. Only his backroom cronies revel in the fight.

As for the hearing he held at the adminstration building he came late. I watched him walk in. So much for really caring about the evironment vs. his real mission to have a dog and pony show. His acknowledgement of the long shoremen, Local 92, also went unreturned.

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