Sunday, November 1, 2009

More Mellow Arrogance And Entitlement

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While discussing certain politicians with a former Hazleton Area School Board member I was searching for the right description of their arrogant actions. Where is Steven Segal when you need him?

One local council member complained when he found out that he was losing his health insurance paid for by taxpayers including those that don't have health insurance. Term- Just More Entitlement

A state legislator will not listen to you when you talk to him. He already "knows everything" and WILL TELL YOU that even though you are the person with the degree in the area of knowledge his four year political science degree makes him an authority on everything. Term- Narcissistic Entitlement

A senator can pay himself an exhorbitant amount of rent and dismisses the situation as "No harm, No foul." In today's Times Tribune BORYS KRAWCZENIUK sheds light on Senator Mellow's campaign practice to routinely write checks to "cash".

Over the past nine years, state Senate Minority Leader Robert J. Mellow's chief campaign committee paid more than $188,000 in checks made out to "cash," without disclosing who received the money and, in many cases, exactly what the money was used for - despite a state election law that specifically calls for complete disclosure.

"The payments to cash" - an issue not unique to the Archbald Democrat, although his committee has issued by far the most checks to "cash" of any committee statewide - raise questions about the state's ability and interest in enforcing the state campaign finance law, as well as in whose pockets contributions ultimately wind up.

The cavalier attitude on the part of the Department of State as well as his campaign workers just demonstrates the type of insulation that politicians feel they have in the power of incumbency.

SOP is not surprised at the questionable ethics involved in these situations. There are no shocking revelations here. What is missing are core family values taught at an early age.

How many times did our parents tell us our actions are wrong? Their observations didn't mean, as children, we need to go to jail or be arrested.(Even Ciavarella found that out the hard way.) It just meant we needed to correct our behaviors.

Mellow's answer to his rental circumstances was "I did nothing wrong." When Todd Eachus is asked about Bonusgate he keeps telling people he "did nothing wrong" despite court filings that prove otherwise.

Power corrupts absolutely. We use the term power broker. The real power brokers are the voters but they just don't get it.

According to Rasmussen Reportsthe latest national telephone survey shows that 83% now view government ethics and corruption as very important, placing it just ahead of the economy on a list of 10 key electoral issues regularly tracked..

This is the first time since October 2007 that voters have rated ethics and corruption as more important than the economy. Voters viewed the two issues evenly in November and December 2007 before placing a higher priority on the economy starting in January 2008.

Last month, 86% of voters said economic issues were very important while 80% saw government ethics that way.

The new findings come at a time when 43% of voters say the president is doing a poor job addressing government ethics and reducing corruption, up five points from early September and the highest level measured since he took office. Forty percent (40%) now give the president good or excellent ratings on his handling of the issue.

Make sure you go the polls this coming Tuesday and exercise your right to rid corruption. SOP is not surprised by this statement in the Rasmussen Report. While Republicans and voters not affiliated with either party rank ethics and corruption as the most important issue, Democrats put health care at the top of the list.

Health care is an important issue but you won't get the right bill with the right provisions if you don't deal with ethics and corruption. Remember that promise Obama made regarding lobbyists in November, 2007, "lobbyists won't find a job in my White House". It didn't take much time for his rule to reach reality for him to break that promise. He changed the name from White House to Open House with noted celebreties and lobbyists given access.

It is no wonder that politicians like Eachus and Mellow snub their noses at the constituency. Power equals privilege. Tuesday teach politicians that the privilege only starts if the voters allow it.

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