Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Republicans Preparing For Bonusgate Issues...But

As previously reported here the time is nearing for the next round of Bonusgate indictments. CasablancaPA has been providing excellent detailed coverage of the "possible participants" in the Bonusgate tale of taxpayer wasted dollars.

However, the folks at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review are relentless in their coverage of what could possibly turn out to be Harrisburg's biggest political scandal of the last 100 years. Brad Bumsted's excellent coverage extends to today's article about Minority Policy Chairman Stan Saylor's advice to freshmen on what to expect when the "General" files charges against current or former GOP members or staffers in an ongoing corruption case.

"I think there's a belief that Thursday is the day (Corbett) will bring down the findings," said freshman Rep. Mike Reese, R-Mt. Pleasant.

If you read the article it focuses entirely on Republicans since, to date, only Democrats have been charged in this scandal.

Hold onto your hats, folks. The Democrats are not off the hook by a long shot according to our sources in Harrisburg. Although there have been no reports of target letters it is SOP's information that a top legislator and the person he replaced as top legislator will be indicted. It is possible other persons in their offices will receive the same fate but, as of now, SOP can only confidently report that at least those two will be "invited to the party."

On the Republican side it is pretty much a forgone conclusion that former speaker of the House of Representatives John Perzel and his former chief of staff Brian Preski will be receiving a "present" as the General likes to term it.

Mike Veon, one of the original twelve indicted, brought up the names of Todd Eachus, Bill DeWeese, Steven Stetler, and others in his court filings. Word has it that those filings didn't go unnoticed on the 16th floor at Strawberry Square.

Looks like it is onto Bonus-Gate after Budget-Late in Pennsylvania.

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