Friday, November 20, 2009

All's Good In the Media World!!!

Wilkes University President Tops Pay Scale Wilkes University President Joseph “Tim” Gilmour’s compensation has risen faster and higher than any other local president of the area’s five private institutions, soaring by 78 percent since his first year in 2001-02.

Were you ever questioned whether you had a B M while you were a kid? Check this story out. They are trying to figure whether B & M ever did the work according to its contractural agreement. Guess the investigators are "soiling" their pants trying to find the answer. Luzerne County paid Long Island-based B & M Investigations $35,000 to prepare a detailed report about background-check procedures, but county officials can’t locate this document.

B & M, which is being investigated by federal agents according to a well-placed county source, was contracted to establish pre-employment background check standards for all county positions, according to its county contract.

It’s unclear why the report, if completed, was never distributed to multiple county officials. B & M was supposed to evaluate the county’s current procedures and recommend a new plan that could be used by all departments, the contract said.

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