Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Obama- WE NEED CHANGE- Enter Arlen Specter

On the heals of my last post Rep. Joseph Sestak is making it known to ABC news that he is not happy with Arlen Specter jumping to the front of the food line.

"I really was taken [aback] by the Democratic political Washington establishment saying, here's your candidate, Pennsylvania," he added. "I thought, when I came here, and when President Obama came here, we weren't for an establishment -- we're for change."

Sestak, of course, was talking about his possibility to seek the Democratic nomination for Senate next year. Since it takes a pile of money to run any viable candidate would have to make a choice soon.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on Tuesday reiterated the president's support for Specter, even if Sestak or others challenge him in a primary.

"I think the president was pretty clear on this. Senator Specter has his full support and he'll do what -- what's necessary to see him re-elected," Gibbs said.

Now there's a real bull crap statement. I keep telling people you can buy an Obama on QVC. Its a package that is readily available. He tells a good story but none of it is close to reality.

Take a look at this opinion piece in the Philadephia Inquirer. It is right on the money about Specter, George Bush, and the crap the Democrats have been pushing about the Republican party.

The GOP establishment didn't push Specter aside; the voters did. In the weeks leading up to Specter's defection, Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, the head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, heartily endorsed him. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's PAC gave $10,000 to Specter's campaign.

The "big tent" approach has not always served Republicans well. South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint's comment about preferring 30 senators who believe in conservative principles to 60 who don't has gotten a lot attention. Sophisticates chortle about his naiveté.

But how well have nontraditional Republicans worked out for the party lately? There have been some successes, such as Rudy Giuliani. But there have also been failures.

For instance, Tom McClintock had the audacity to challenge the "moderate" Arnold Schwarzenegger for California's governorship in 2003. McClintock was an actual conservative with 20 years of political experience. But the GOP establishment threw its full force behind Schwarzenegger for the same reasons it supported Specter.

And how has that worked out? The California Republican Party - not to mention the state itself - is in far worse shape than it was in 2003. Take that and apply it to George W. Bush. If, in 2004, Republicans had jumped off the bus and Bush had been defeated by John Kerry, do you think the GOP would be in worse shape today? Neither do I.

I am sick and tired of hearing Kevin and Nancy on WILK in the morning talk about the Republicans. How is Pennsylvania fairing out with Rendell as governor? Answer- $2.6 billion deficit on its way to $3 billion overnight. How did Luzerne County fair out under Democratic Judges and Commissioners? Answer- 2 down and one to go.

The Democrats are driving that holier than though message but there are people watching and waiting.

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