Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rendell Vs. Ridge- Mano A Mano

Newsweek makes an interesting case that Rendell really wants Specter's seat. What if the Dems figured out if they courted Arlen to switch in the end Rendell could run for his seat? Arlen,,,not as sharp as you used to be. Did you ever take notice how the Dems court the Hispanic community but aren't pushing them for Senate?????

Then there's Rendell, whose personal ties to Specter are extensive, but who also has a political stake in seeing him hold his seat in Pennsylvania. Rendell once worked for Specter and regards him as something of a mentor; they're friends. For Rendell, a gregarious, ambitious politician, a Senate seat would cap his career as a former mayor and popular two-term governor. Those who know Rendell say he really wants the seat that Specter holds

Whatever Rendell did to get Specter to this point, their political futures are now inextricably bound together. And if there's any politician you want on your side in a knife fight, it's Rendell. He is the closest thing to a ward boss in Pennsylvania. He can clear the field for Specter, gin up the enthusiastic support and help raise the kind of money Specter will need. And then, in due time, it will be Rendell's turn.

Eleanor Clift..there is that little matter of a $3 billion dollar deficit Ed created...Ohh that's right it is probably George Bush's fault...Pendejos.

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