Saturday, May 2, 2009

Has The FBI Visited Hazleton?

I_Team member Joe Holden at WBRE reported that a court case involving the Hazleton Area School District in a real estate deal was turned over to the FBI for review. The case was heard before former Judge Mark Ciavarella.

Did Hazleton area overpay for land? Some board members said they were hosed after the case came before ex-judge Mark Ciavarella.

The sale of this track and field complex is still stirring controversy, three years after it was settled in Ciavarella's courtroom.

Some school board members were bowled over by the judge's decision. Now their concerns have been turned over to federal authorities. Bob Childs of the Hazleton Area School Board said, “We've contacted the line out there, the telephone line, that says if you want a case reviewed, we say yeah this is one we want to have reviewed. That was a nuts verdict.”

According to my sources the FBI already visited the District Administration building concerning this case. But those same sources tell me they are coming back for more. The Damatos are not commenting. Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled to see that the FBI may be shining a little light in on the Hazleton School Board. I hope the media keeps up the good work!