Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Open Response To The Standard Speaker Editorial Department

Editors- Who Is In Charge Of These Editorials? I want to comment on this editorial that appeared in today's paper. It is titled "Move would help shift away from taxing property."

Folks, you can read it for yourselves. The question I have centers on the premise for the article. If you want to replace one tax for the other, why aren't you asking the legislature to reduce its size so that no matter what tax it won't be such a burden on the taxpayers? Pensions, healthcare premiums, car payments, per diem, office space rentals, light, heat, office staff...ohhh I could go on and on. Get them off our backs first before asking us to pay a tax...Sheeezzze... Any lightbulbs needed down there????

Rendell's proposal doesn't make sense when he refuses to address the problems inherent with our government in Harrisburg. Before he asks for more money from us why doesn't he reduce the money he needs, again, from us???

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