Thursday, May 14, 2009

Broken Promises By Rendell And The Democrats

Rep. Todd Eachus from the 116th district likes when people tout him as the "PACE GUY".

The Pennsylvania Report claims Todd is the lawmaker who successfully led the charge for historic expansions of the state’s senior citizen prescription drug programs.

Let's look at the record. On July 7, 2006 Fast Eddy Rendell announced the new PACE Plus program which combined the popular PACE/PACENET program with federal Medicare Part D plans. His press release stated PACE/PACENET provides low-cost prescription coverage to nearly 317,000 older Pennsylvanians.

The Department of Aging issued its own release in February of that year where it stated that the legislation would raise the number of PACE/PACENET recipients to 430,000 from that present level of 317,000.

According to Caregiver magazine the PACE program still only serves 317,000 people. Broken promises by politicians who claim fame but have no game. Both are touting a new health insurance initiative for Pennsylvania. How about following through on your original promise first?

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