Sunday, September 27, 2009

Senator Jake Corman- Bad Idea On This Issue

A poster who obviously works for a Harrisburg legislator gave me a tip so I followed up on it. The poster comes from the Democratic camp and thought I would not publish the following information as it deals with a Republican.

It appears the scheme to tax the arts, music, and theatre came from Senate Republican Jake Corman.

HARRISBURG, Pa. - A senator who helped engineer the state budget deal says a plan to impose the sales tax on tickets to arts and cultural events is designed to shift the taxpayers' cost onto patrons of those activities.

Senate Appropriations Committee chairman Jake Corman said Tuesday that the idea is to make those taxes a "user fee."

Eliminating the current sales-tax exemptions is expected to generate roughly $120 million a year for the state , about twice as much as those activities currently receive in state money.

Corman says an as-yet-unspecified portion of that revenue would go into a special fund for the arts and cultural institutions.

The Centre County Republican said the percentage earmarked for arts and cultural institutions is still being firmed up.

Evidently thirty other states have this form of tax so the thought process was "Why not Pennsylvania?" I disagree with Senator Corman on this issue. It is expected to raise $120 million. There are too many small non-profits who fall into this category and the hit will leave a big hurt.

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