Friday, September 25, 2009

Repost Of May 11, 2009 on Tina Gartley

Tina Gartley is a candidate for judge in Luzerne County. Her slogan is "The Change We Need- The Justice We Deserve." On her website she mentions that she is married to Scott Gartley. Welll....

Let's go over to Robert Powell's website to take a look. A press release talks about a rumored $10 million dollar settlement for a crash on the Airport Beltway in Hazle Township.

Settlement negotiations began immediately following a hearing Tuesday before Luzerne County Judge Peter Paul Olszewski, who imposed sanctions against GM for discovery violations related to trial of a civil lawsuit.

Olszewski ordered GM to pay expenses of $20,000 to Powell plus $500 for preparation of a motion for sanctions.

The judge also fined GM $100 a day from Aug. 5 to Oct. 4 for missing a court-imposed deadline to turn over engineering change reports related to design of the fuel system of the Blazer.

Attorney Bob Powell said he agreed after the hearing to give GM lawyers 48 hours to obtain corporate approval of the settlement "or we would pull any offer off the table."

Powell said the lawyers called at 4 p.m. Thursday and stated "GM was prepared to meet all of our demands. They insisted on two more caveats. One was confidentiality."

Powell said he called his clients around 6 p.m. and obtained their approval.


The battle over GM documents resulted in Olszewski appointing local attorney Scott Gartley to determine which ones were protected by attorney-client privilege.

The judge approved the payment of a $26,925 fee to Gartley and apportioned $22,886.25 to GM and $4,038.75 to the plaintiffs.

The question I have for Tina Gartley is this? How close were you or your husband with Robert Powell? Have you or any member of your family ever been a guest at the Florida condominium connected to judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan?

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Whose Hands Are Clean? said...

If Tina and Scott Gartley are rumored to be so close that they vacation with Peter Paul Olsewski, would it not be cronyism when PPO appointed him to benefit with a $26,925 fee?