Sunday, December 14, 2008

Paul Kanjorski- Why Aren't You Saving Jobs At Sanofi Pasteur

Press releases over the weekend indicate that Sanofi Pasteur is negotiating to move as many as 400 jobs from its Swiftwater(11th Congressional District)location to Bethlehem.

Obstacles from townships,Monroe County, and envrionmentalists fueled this ongoing issue. Sewer issues have plagued the progress to expand their Swiftwater site.

Pocono Township finally approved a plan but it will take three years to complete. Sanofi's timetable cannot be met under such this plan.

"Company Vice President Frank Epifano says 600 employees now use temporary trailers at the Swiftwater campus. He says the company plans to relocate several hundred jobs."

In talks with Lehigh County and Upper Saucon Township officials Sanofi will be able to take advantage of a KOZ designation for the Stabler site. The KOZ designation can eliminate payment of all state, local and school district taxes for 10 years.

Look at the jobs that will be moved to the Bethlehem site. Most are high level managerial jobs that pay significant money. Imagine the EIT tax lost to those townships and Monroe County.

Paul Kanjorski, what efforts were made by your office to address this issue in your district? Its appropriate that it is Christmas time. The answer to my question can be found in Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer. Yukon Cornelius sticks his axe in the snow, takes a lick and says "Nuttin."

Of course in Bethlehem they are yelling "WAHOOOO"!! for the jobs.

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