Thursday, December 11, 2008

Paul Kanjorski Is Wasting Billions

Last evening, December 10, 2008, Lou Dobb's was interviewing Harvard Law School Professor Elizabeth Warren, head of the Congressional Oversight Panel that was created as part of the bailout package.She noted during her interview that the bailout money given to the banks failed to trickle down to the American public.

"We've handed this money out. It's been stuffed into the vaults of the banks. We haven't asked the banks for any terms or to change anything. We haven't said how are you going to tie this to the American families. Let's face it. The bottom line is you can't save banks if the American family goes down the tubes. It's not possible. They can't exist. You don't get to save them and not save this country and the people who run this country, who are the real economy in this country."

During that segment Lou Dobb's aired a video of Paul Kanjorski's comments on the hearing held on the bailouts. Once again Paul Kanjorski doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. Here are his comments.

"REP. PAUL KANJORSKI (D), FINANCIAL SERVICES CMTE.: We have to tell the American people the truth, and that truth is going to hurt. Some of that truth is we're going to spend billions of dollars incorrectly, wrongly and wastefully. They're going to have to know that because we're like mad scientists in an economic laboratory trying to get the correct potion."

Professor Warren had this reaction to his comments:

"WARREN: There's just -- this breaks my heart. We don't have billions of dollars to spend here. One of the problems with spending money in this way is that at some point we really do run out of money. And if we're not using our money in the right ways, in ways to strengthen the American family, in ways to help out with this crazy mortgage foreclosure situation that we've got going, then our opportunity will be lost. It will be gone."

Paul Kanjorski claims to be the second highest ranking Member of his subcommittee. Just keep spending billions on your experiment, Paul. The people of the 11th district are more than happy to fund it.

Scranton, Wilkes Barre, so you get millions. He is giving away billions. Where is your share??? Kanjorski had the trash talk nerve to call Lou Barletta a creep. Paul, in Hebrew, you would be a hamor. In Spanish you would be a pendejo. No matter what language you speak you would still be the same thing. I hope you can hear me now.

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