Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Eachus Hires Christopher Casey To Do An Efficiency Study???

At a time when Card Check is a buzz word, Todd Eachus was elected House Majority Leader beating Rep. Frank Dermody of Allegheny County in a closed door election process.

Eachus replaced Bill "Da Weasel" DeWeese who is now No. 3 at Whip. You have to admire someone who hits the ground running since he assumed the job December 1.

Eachus announced that HE hired outside legal counsel for the House Democratic Caucus(remember that he paid off arrested Mike Veon's campaing debt without consulting the rest of the caucus Members). His choice was Christopher Casey, brother of Senator Bob Casey.

On December 2, 2008 I reported on the Vince Fumo trial where the latter Casey's name was part of the testimony.

If you look at the bio on Christopher Casey you will read the following:

Areas of Focus: Partner, Corporate Investigations and White Collar Group. Mr. Casey concentrates his practice in white collar defense, criminal and civil antitrust, defamation, and complex commercial litigation.

I guess that Bonusgate probe by Attorney General Tom Corbett was focused on the "government duplication, waste and inefficiencies" that citizens demand during difficult economic times. At least that is what Eachus said in his press release. The release also states Casey will be "tasked with examining current procedures, contracts and staff structure." Having been involved in a merger of the number two and number five corporations in my industry I can report that an attorney was not brought in for these areas. Consultants with expertise were hired to reduce duplication, etc. but they weren't attorneys.

Since Eachus was one of the representatives who refused to give back the illegal pay raise of 2005 his explanation seems like a case of "Wag The Dog".

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