Monday, December 22, 2008

My Dell

I just bought my son a Dell Laptop for Christmas. I ordered it through Costco because it was much cheaper than ordering it directly from Dell. The box came in today shipped from Lavergne, On the carton is a big white label-"Computer Made In China."

The last Dell Laptop I purchased came from their outlet. I paid $1,399.00 for the same computer that would cost $2,790.00 new when I priced it on their website with the same warranty. On inspection the top had an ink mark on it. I tried every solvent known to man to remove it. When I called Dell they informed me they would have to build a new computer and ship it. The top couldn't simply be replaced. I received a new one in ten days from Taiwan.

Keep that in mind when the bailout talk resumes in January.

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