Sunday, December 7, 2008

Barack Obama Took Victory Away From Lou Barletta

This map came from Google and shows the electoral votes. The map below shows county by county how the presidential elections faired out. It is from

Paul Kanjorski has robo called my house two times in the last week over the auto industry bailout. He knows he is in deep trouble next election. Even his own party can smell it. There will be younger challengers from the Democratic ranks who will defeat Kanjo in the primary.

Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss survived his re-election battle in part because Obama was not at the top of the ticket for election run-off. Louisiana voters delivered two Congressional Republican victories while ousting indicted U.S. Representative William Jefferson. In these elections Obama was not present to unfarily influence the outcome. He bought the election and he knows it.

If Kanjorski had to face Barletta in an off year he loses. If one analyzes the election results that fact is in the data. And Paul, quit calling my house with my dollars.

The fairy dust has cleared. The realities about Obama are starting to settle in. Before the election one could buy Obama on QVC. He was a carefully wrapped package sold to the unsuspecting public.

Obama announced that he is going to put America to work under a MASSIVE government spending program. I thought they crucified George Bush for doing exactly that. He intends to create 2.5 million jobs. So let me get this straight. A Democratic President is about the create the largest "corporation" in America but the Republicans are about big "business." I must give him credt. As he did during his campaign he gave few details during his annoucement.

Mr. Obama, please explain how you are going pay to hire 2.5 million people and pay to provide all people in this country with universal healthcare at the same time.

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