Thursday, August 23, 2012

Will Grace Cuozzo Finally Answer Sean Donahue's Questions?

Kelly Monitz of the Standard Speaker wrote this article today describing Sean Donahue's prolific career writing what was on his mind penning hundreds of emails and letters to the editor, writing on an Internet blog and newspaper forums, and calling into radio talk shows.

An interesting email exchange is found on the internet where Mr. Donahue chose to store his writings "in the cloud" after shutting down his blog,

In the Standard Speaker article Grace Cuozzo, disastrous candidate for Mayor of the City of Hazleton, makes the following representation of her interactions with Mr. Donahue.

Grace Cuozzo, a long-time government watchdog, communicated with Donahue while on the campaign trail in Hazleton last year, and still received his emails until his arrest Tuesday.
"I don't know why he sends them to me," she said.

She wonders why none of the recipients, including law enforcement, didn't reach out to help.

"He should have been put in a hospital for an exam," Cuozzo said. "There's no question there was a problem. I'm not a doctor, but it doesn't take a mind-trust to see there was a problem. I'm floored they didn't put him in the hospital.
I think he needs help, not jail," she said.

The real question is why did Cuozzo, who by her own words, converse with Mr. Donahue if she believed him to have psychological problems?  Why did she enlist him as a soldier in her fruitless campaign for Mayor?  Read the following exchange obtained by SOP.

From: Sean Donahue

To: Grace Cuozzo; loubarletta [rest of barletta address redacted]

Cc: MarkKatchur ; Carl Christopher ; Chiefof Police Robert Ferdinand ; Sr. CEO Sam Lesante ; Kristen Buczynski; Lisa; Jim Reinmiller ; AndyMehalshick ; NancyDoyle ; Drew Speier ; NancyStasko ; [Seven email addresses redacted for privacy reasons] Kevin ODonnell ; SteveCorbett ;[ 4 emails redacted for privacy concerns;] MaryellenLeib ; Bernadette DeBias ; [5 emails redacted for privacy reasons]

Sent: Monday, September12, 2011 8:50 AM

Subject: Questions For Cuozzo Campaign Headquaretes

Dear Ms. Cuozzo,

Please answer the questions listed below;

Why didn't you send your below e-mail to others so that they know it was you who contacted me to find out what Lieb had sent me regarding her salary, made wild claims and then backed off them?
Why did you tell me that the executive order Lieb sent mew as a xerox of a document that Barletta only recently signed and that Deakos could verify the date of the original document having been signed?

Why then when I requested documents that would confirm plans to allow Deakos to examine the document, as you claimed needed to be done, did you back off of your claim?

Why didn't you share acknowledgment of your error with others? You are running for Mayer here. You can't be calling constituents hoping to rally support with outlandish claims and then back off those claims when someone pursues your claims in order to prove them right or wrong. You are in a political race her for a position that would allow you to make decisions that would affect my life. Your claims must now be proven to be either true or false. That must be done prior to election day and voters must know whether or not you were correct.

You called me several times, intentionally seeing me out hoping to conjure up the political spirits. Do you feel that you mistook my criticisms of government agencies as a constituency farm for yourself?


Sean M. Donahue

Hazleton, PA

It appears her contact was more than just communicating; it seems incendiary.

As Mr. Donahue's computer, hard drives, and portable drives are examined by law enforcement much more information may arise outlining how many politicians were trying to exploit Mr. Donahue's instability for their personal agenda.  Was there a premeditated effort to politically charge Mr. Donahue into explosive anger?

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