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Sean Donahue and A Hazleton City Councilman

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In today's Standard Speaker veteran writer Mia Light covers the arrest of a nemisis known to many public officials for his plethora of harassing emails written to them with escalating overtones.

A Hazleton man is facing charges after allegedly making terroristic threats against Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis.

Sean Donahue, 43, of 625 Cleveland St., was remanded by Magisterial District Judge Joseph Zola to Luzerne County Correctional Facility in lieu of $100,000 bail following preliminary arraignment Tuesday on charges of terroristic threats and harassment.

According to court documents, Donahue sent an email message to Salavantis on Aug. 17 stating that he would engage in a gun fight with city police if the district attorney did not comply with his demands.

Police said Donahue sent multiple email messages to Salavantis, threatening violence toward government employees and police. One email asked the district attorney to provide him with various assault weapons and bullet-proof clothing.

Going back to 2009 his rants are still on the internet placed by Mr. Donahue in response to articles appearing in the Standard Speaker.  Here is one example.

Dear All,
(1). I am not opposed to an organized Halloween event, similar to what the Freeland Mayor promoted this year. The events should occur on different days in both towns.(2). I agree with using a church picnic environment.(3). I stand adamantly opposed to desensitizing children to the dangers of going near car trunks, especially to get free candy. Please have the FBI tell me that I am wrong in voicing this concern and I will back off of it (but not until after I complain to every FBI office in the country). (4). Finally, all of you seem to be claiming that if you collocate 40 to 100 children in one place with sugar filled candy, the threat of chaos ensuing is minimal. Do you really believe that? To "tire of sean donahue" My job in the Army was to be a threat analyst. It was a natural it. It was a place where pessimism prospered. There are bad people in society. Sincerely,
Sean M. Donahue

What becomes puzzling and disturbing is the recent contact by one Hazleton City Council member who copied by means of a "cc" to Sean Donahue over  a city matter. 

From: "Jack Mundie" <  email redacted for privacy reasons>
Date: July 30, 2012 2:35:47 PM EDT
To: < >, "richard ammon" < email redacted for privacy reasons >, "Peter O'Donnell" < email redacted for privacy reasons >, "Kent Jackson" < email redacted for privacy reasons >, "Kent Jackson" < email redacted for privacy reasons>, "Elaine M. Curry" <email redacted for privacy reasons >, "Scott   McCarthy" <  email redacted for privacy reasons>, "Sean Donahue" < >, Steve Hahn < email redacted for privacy reasons >, <  email redacted for privacy reasons>, "Thomas A. Makowski" <email redacted for privacy reasons  >, Sam Galski<  email redacted for privacy reasons>
Subject: FW: billable hour mistakes

From:   Jack Mundie [email redacted for privacy reasons ]
Sent:   Monday, July 30, 2012 2:20 PM
To:   'Jack Mundie'; 'Keith Bast'; 'Karin Cabell'; 'Jim Perry'; 'Jim Perry'; 'Jean Mope'; Chris Slusser, Esquire; Jack Mundie; MaryEllen
Subject:   billable hour mistakes
Chris,  I know you donated $500.00 to the city because you made a mistake by having us pass  a resolution instead of a required  ordinance for eminent domain on the Greco property.  Now, I know everyone makes mistakes and I make one every day, but, mistakes are not billable hours.  Your invoices show eminent domain research of $1200.00  and I estimate another $800.00 billed expenses for  the eminent domain of the Greco property.  Hazleton taxpayers should not pay for
anyone’s mistakes.   The total comes to $2000.00. If you want to take credit for the $500.00  that you donated  the total that you should refund to the Hazleton taxpayers is $1,500.00.  Please drop a check off at City Hall at your earliest convenience. Cheers, Jack

From:   Jack Mundie [ email redacted for privacy reasons ]
Sent:   Friday, July 27, 2012 3:14 PM
To:   'Keith Bast'; 'Karin Cabell'; 'Jim Perry'; 'Jim Perry'; 'Jean Mope'
Cc:   'Lisa Barkus'; 'Chris Slusser, Esquire'
Subject:   TRANSFERS
MaryEllen, According to  our monthly report that we received recently, under the special litigation line item we have paid out $16,154.00. We have budgeted $5000.00. So you paid them without coming to council to request a transfer. You said you would be requesting transfers this year. If there is a reason why you are not doing transfers and not following the third class city code please let me known. Chris if you have any thoughts on this I would appreciate a reply.
Cheers, Jack

Sean Donahue replied with this email exchange.  He copied the former police chief, the present police chief, a failed candidate who ran for Mayor of the City of Hazleton as well as Wilkes Barre radio hosts.

From: "Sean Donahue" <>
To: "Steve Corbett" <email redacted for privacy reasons>
Cc: "Robert Ferdinand" <email redacted for privacy reasons>, "DeAndrea Jr." <email redacted for privacy reasons>, "Grace Cuozzo" <email redacted for privacy reasons>, Webster< email redacted for privacy reasons>, Nancy K <email redacted for privacy reasons>
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2012 5:06:31 PM
Subject: Fwd: billable hour mistakes
Dear Steve Corbett,

Now their doing it to me (sending the "I'm pissed off e-mails").  I got something going here.  Its the stuff of democracy.

Sean M. Donahue

Among public officials there exists an undeniable belief that Sean Donahue possesses a threat to them because his out of control behaviors were escalating.  Almost every Hazleton Area government entity was a target of his menacing emails where the brashness climbed to new heights with each click of the mouse.

A question for Jack Mundie is why did he think Sean Donahue needed to be copied on a city matter?   Sean Donahue's minacious demeanor towards public officials was common knowledge. Being a Hazleton City Councilman did he have knowledge of the F.B.I. visit to Hazleton City Hall? What was the motive behind that action to copy Donahue?  If Mr. Donahue's computer was seized how many more public officials and those seeking a public life will have communications found on his computer? Only time will tell.

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