Friday, June 24, 2011

UnOfficial Terms Of AFSCME/COMMONWEALTH Agreement

These terms were posted on a story.

-July 2011 – No Raise;
-Jan 2012 – No Raise or increment (step);
-July 2012 – Raise of 1%;
-Jan 2013 – No Raise or increment;
-Apr 2013 – Increment;
-July 2013 – Raise of ½%;
-Jan 2014 – Raise of ½%;
-Apr 2014 – Increment;
-July 2014 – Raise of 2%;
-Jan 2015 – Increment
Total pay increase for the life of the contract is 10.75%. An increment is 2.25% increase. You can still get a lump sum payment if you are at the top of your grade.

A decrease from 13 days to 11 days for everyone. You can still accumulate as many sick days as you want and there will be no % reduction for any days you use. As an incentive, if you do not take a sick day during the year you will receive one extra personal day.

Will still have 4 days per year. You can use 2 without prior authorization, the other 2 must be preapproved. This is only if management requires preapproval.

There will be no rolling furloughs for the life of the contract.

If it works for your office there may be a 4 day week with 3 days off or you can schedule your days to have an extra day off every other week. They are leaving this within the AWS section of the contract to be handled through each individual office through normal chain of command.

First three years of the contract the contribution rate will remain at 3% of your salary. The fourth year of the contract the contribution rate will be 5%. Get Healthy will remain and the 50% reduction will remain in effect if you participate. This means it will be 1½% when the contribution rate is 3% and, when the rate goes to 5% your contribution rate will only be 2%.
Retirees contribution rate will remain at 3% for the life of the contract. When a retiree turns 65 and goes onto Medicare, the contribution rate will decrease to 1½%.
There will be no change in health benefits. All copays will remain the same except ER visits will increase from $50 to $100 beginninig in 2012. Any increases in copays will not be addressed in the contract itself but changes can be made by the board of trustees of PEBTF if they seem necessary.

There will be no drug or alcohol testing during the life of the contract.

If an employee is on an O/T list and is called for O/T the following will apply: The employee can refuse the O/T or, when the employee does not answer the call, he/she has 10 minutes to return the call or the next person on the list will be called. The employee will have no right to O/T payment if any of those scenarios are met.

Full time employees can bump into other full time or part time positions. Part time employees can only bump into other part time positions.

The was other talk and agreement on FMLA prior to 1992 and a person losing seniority for that. There is a way to get that senority back.
Grievances will remain on the accelerated procedures now set up.
There will be a new committee set up to look at repensioning and salary restructuring if recruitment methods are not working.

Again, unofficial.

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