Thursday, June 23, 2011

Phyllis Mundy Misplaced Lack of Support To Deal With Public Corruption

On Monday, June 13th, Representative Tarah Toohil moved a bill dealing with corrupt public officials to the floor for a vote. Robert Swift, Harrisburg correspondent, wrote this synopsis of the vote on this bill.

The measure, approved 169-32, would set mandatory/minimum terms of sentences for officials found guilty of the existing crime of official corruption and give victims the opportunity for the first time to seek restitution to recover court-related costs. This crime refers to someone using their public office to infringe on an individual's personal or property rights.

In an unacceptable position from an elected public official from Luzerne County, Rep. Phyllis Mundy voted NO against the bill.

Rep. Phyllis Mundy, D-120, Kingston, called the bill an example of "misplaced priorities" given corrections cost issues. She said the two ex-judges are receiving federal sentences of far greater severity than what the bill provides.

"This bill is really not about Luzerne County even though it purports to be," she added.

Ms. Mundy was joined by several other Democratic lawmakers who said the legislation would add to state corrections costs at a time when Pennsylvania contracted with other state to house convicts in a cost-savings move.

Evidently Rep. Phyllis Mundy is not paying attention to the sentencing of 30 officials snagged in her CORRUPT COUNTY.

Doug Richards- 15 months
Allen Bellas- 6 months house arrest
James Height- 5 months
Jeffrey Piazza- 6 months
Frank Pizzella- 2 years probation 5 months house arrest
Joseph Oliveri- 1 year and one day
Ross Scarantino- 13 months
Brian Dunn- 18 months

Circomlution For Dummies writes

Yeah, okay, so 30-some have been charged. And, what, 25 or so have been sentenced?

And what, pray tell, did those sentences amount to other than a gigantic slap on the collective wrists?

Mundy makes the ridiculous claim that sentencing would burden the budget. So what she is really saying is there are that many corrupt officials out there who, if sentenced, would send the budget into a tailspin. Sorry, Ms. Mundy, on this issue you are either misinformed or part of the problem.

With 169-32 passage, obviously Rep. Mundy should be held accountable for not supporting legislation to clean up public corruption.

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