Friday, June 24, 2011

Grace Cuozzo's Rants, Half-Truths, and Distortions

When Grace Cuzzo announced she was seeking the office of Mayor of Hazleton she cited her tenure on the Hazleton Housing Authority as proof of some government experience. SOP has secured many documents saved from her term as a board commissioner. The information provides a very disturbing pattern of lack of cooperation, but more importantly, points to a failure of the duty of loyalty in the performance of her duties. This series will explore her term to educate the public on her behavior.

Cuozzo wrote to many state and federal authorities and agnecies claiming to have uncovered improper actions by the board. She questioned experienced and certified professionals without matching their qualifications with legitmate ones of her own. At one point she proclaimed "No I am not in construction but I am not stupid". Her actions were cited in the resignation of the recording secretary for the board in September, 2001. Those observations are just the tip of the iceberg.

Ms. Cuozzo started her tenure on the Hazleton Housing Authority in 1999. According to her Statements of Financial Interests she had no income nor worked during her entire term on the board(we will explore those documents at a later date). She either was a "homemaker" or "none" for occupation.

One of her rants occurred in September, 2001 when she questioned the recommendation of Larry Meiers, A.I.A. for a bid award in Phase III of work performed for the authority. Her statement "Both you and I know a good bid would assume nothing, therefore the bid would include the correct amount needed to reach that R-value, period." Mr. Meier responded that Ms. Cuozzo failed in her analysis to account for the R-value(insulation) existing in the building. "Apparently, you did not understand my statement since we did add the correct amount, unit by unit, to reach the required thickness and R-vlue."

Meiser's response in this episode was two pages long. Item by item he discredited Cuozzo. His frustration spilled over onto the end of his letter.

"Every single day I ask myself how our frim can be the most professional, qualified, technologically advanced and yet competitive firm it can be. This process never stops. Our records shows that we are a highly qualified, professional firm and can compete with any firm in this area and beyond. I resent your implication that we are not.

If you are searching for the perfect firm with perfect human beings, you will not find one.

Any and all correspondence should be directed to the A/E through the Housing Authority. We will reply only to correspondence through the Housing Authority, if so directed.

Imagine the time and energy expended because Ms. Cuozzo distorted facts and felt her "questions" were factual. She called her questions "legitimate concerns". That assessment depends on which side of the court you look from.

It should be noted that Cuozzo received just 512 votes in the Democratic Primary of 2012 for the office of Mayor. Her opponent, Joseph Corradini(there is a strange twist to their relationship) received 365. Write-In for Mayor received 465 votes meaning Cuozzo didn't even capture 39% of the total vote. Her opponent, now Mayor Joseph Yannuzzi received over 54% of the Republican vote at 765.

Next issue will deal with a censure by the Board of Commissioners against Grace Cuozzo signed in October, 2001.

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lapoosa said...

Dear All,

"Loyalty" to other board members is exactly the quality that you don't want in a government official.

Sean M. Donahue
Hazleton, PA