Thursday, June 30, 2011

Reagan On Democrats

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Anonymous said...

Bearing in mind the dangers involved in a breakdown to reach a well-timed arrangement on raising the nation’s debt ceiling citizens are strained to wonder about whether a baleful political stratagem is behind the brinkmanship in talks.

The reaction may become obvious when citizens considers who presently has the stronger hand for next year’s national elections and plays out the potential winners and losers of a fail to pay.

Despite the superficial confidence of the White House and the DNC that President Obama and the Democrats are a shoo- in for electoral success in 2012 many experts doubt the claim. It is more and more likely that the coming elections will be a referendum on the first term of the Obama Administration.

If that is the case, we will see a duplicate of the 2010 elections that brought voters to the polls en masse to put the Democrats out of power.

Regardless of the fearless face, the President’s team understands big losses are ahead unless the current dynamic of the Democrats’ “owning” the bad economy and high unemployment numbers along with a terrible health care law can be changed.

As it is unlikely that any legislative tweaking will help improve the economic numbers, the only option left is to attempt to hand off the blame to the political opposition.

Allowing the nation to defaulting is a perilous strategy but the Obama team is desperate and by their thinking has little to lose by going for broke.

For the first time in our history the nation would go into default and it would do so under Obama’s watch.

However, the White House will count on the mainstream press to be an ally and attempt to lay/switch all of the blame unto the Republicans.

So when seniors don’t get their social security checks it will be the Republicans’ fault; when interests rates rise and the markets crash, it will be the Republicans’ fault; when the dollar loses even more value and prices and unemployment rise even further, it will be the Republicans’ fault.

In short all of the accumulated damage that has been done to the economy these past two and one half years plus all of the additional default harm will be cast by the White House/press as the consequence of the Republicans’ control of one third of the government for the last seven months.

Dare citizens imagine this could be their plan?

If so,this cynical long shot strategy may pay off for the Democrats.

Even so, enabling the default and following through with the consequences will serve to demonstrate the length the
Democrats will go to maintain authority and rule.

It should serve as a shocking display of total heartlessness towards the public good.

Rest confident nonetheless, that’s not how the press will play it.