Monday, August 23, 2010

Lou Barletta's Interview With La Voz Latina

The Morning Call's state house reporter John Micek will poke fun at Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta by reporting on Barletta in Spanish rather than English. Here is a link to one of those posts.

La Voz Latina is a regional newspaper marketed to the Hispanic community. Unlike El Mensajero that publishes exclusively in Spanish, La Voz editors recognized the importance of publishing in both English and Spanish so readers across both spectrums would be interested in their articles.

This month's issue contains an interview with Mayor Barletta by J. Gonzalez.

Here is an excerpt from that interview.

When I interviewed Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta, we discussed many issues. I brought the president of La Voz Latina Newspaper, Paul Oreck, with me to the interview. We started the interview by discussing immigration issues, and I asked Mayor Lou Barletta directly why it appeared as if he had discriminated against Hispanics?

You can pick up a copy of the paper for yourself. Mr. Gonzalez ended his article with this summary.

Mr. Barletta is a candidate for Congress that comes from a family of immigrants; he understands the issue clearly but he believes in a legal immigration policy. I left the interview with the impression that Mr. Barletta is a man of great leadership and energy and not a bit racist as potrayed by others. Best of luck and God bless. J. Gonzalez

For my friend Gort and his buddy Mr. Micek I will retype the summary.

El Senor Barletta es el candidato para el Congresso y le deseamos lo mejor para esta campana. Mi impresion esta clara con respecto al Senor. Barletta, un hombre de liderazgo y energia, que no es racista. Siga adelante y qque DIOS lo bendiga. por J. Gonazlez.

I guess that is why Lou Barletta received 52% of the Hispanic vote in the last election.

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