Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eachus Has Help Wanted Ad Out

From John Micek's Mailbag:

PA House Majority Leader Todd Eachus seeks Field Director for 2010 re-election campaign.

For Todd Eachus's exclamation that he isn't worried about Tara Toohil he has opened a campaign office, conveniently next to his district office in Hazleton, and is going to put together a real campaign. Dang...

More on Today's Standard Speaker article:

Tara Toohil said Eachus' taxpayer-funded mailings that gauged residents' concerns for the "community conversations" were not necessary.

Toohil said Eachus could have knocked on doors to find that out instead of sending out the mailing to announce the meetings. Toohil also wanted to know how much was spent on the mailings.

Thomas said the mailings are directly related to constituent service and came from that fund. He said the mailings have no relationship to the upcoming election. Citing a series of meetings held last year, Thomas said, the mailings and meetings are "purely legislative" and meant to inform people.

Campaign "96 Update
Have You Seen Tom Stish? You probably have not seen him, but he has been consuming thousands and thousands of your tax dollars sending you annoying junk mail. "This is an outrage", "This certainly is an abuse of the office."---Todd Eachus March 1996

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