Saturday, August 28, 2010

Earth Conservancy's Land Use Dilemma

Michael Dziak, President/CEO of Earth Conservancy drew himself into the 11th Congressional Race yesterday with his appearance on WILK's Steve Corbett Show.

I want to demonstrate that Mr. Dziak is acting more like a politician than a CEO. The following pictures depict land use that was determined by a slew of consultants on behalf of Earth Conservancy. It should clearly demonstrate that both Kanjorski and Dziak are grossly deviating from published plans on record regarding the use of the proposed site for an anti-terrorist training center.

The top picture above is an illustration that award winning graphics artist Gary Visgaitis made for the Times Leader depicting the proposed site for the Foreign Affairs Security Training Center (FASTC). The picture below it is from the Land Use Plan on Earth Conservancy's website. It is Figure 5.1 under Recommended Development Plans. If you read the legend you will see that the proposed use for the area designated in Paul Kanjorski's release is listed as RESIDENTIAL/RESORT.

This picture is Figure 6.1 under prepared by EDAW, Inc. of Alexandria, Virginia in conjunction with many consultants including engineering firms. If you look at the legend it again states the land use as RESIDENTIAL/RESORT with the remaining portion of the land in question as PARKLAND/OPEN SPACE.

Let's take a look at another picture. Below is Figure 4.2 under Alternate Development Concepts. It lists the area in question as the PENOBSCOT MOUNTAIN RESORT.

Let's look at one final picture to bring this issue home. This map is from Earth Conservancy's Open Space Constraints web page listed as Map 1-1.

Expand the picture and read the legend. The site proposed for FASTC is listed as "THREATENED AND ENDANGERED SPECIES". In this article from the Baltimore Sun the EPA had serious concerns for the proposed 2,000 acre farm site in Ruthsburg, Maryland.

"EPA believes that the project may adversely affect the aquatic and terrestrial environment, including wetlands and, potentially, endangered species," wrote Jeffrey D. Lapp, associate director of EPA's regional Office of Environmental Programs in Philadelphia.

In this press release from Paul Kanjorski last September he applauds the Earth Conservancy for restoring many acres for gamelands, greenspace or recreation, such as the Mocanaqua Loop Trail and Penobscot Ridge Bike Trail. According to the Earth Conservancy website the Penobscot Ridge Bike Trail encompasses 1,577 acres.

The trail includes two trailhead facilities with picnic areas including tables and grills and ample parking are located at either end of the two-mile long trail. The mountain bike area consists of a main trunk trail suitable for families, which has easy to moderate bicycling opportunities. There are other unofficial trails throughout the area. Acreage of the entire reclaimed area is 1,557 acres. The project was completed in November 2005.

It is important to remember that appropriate gear and clothes be worn for any cycling or hiking done in the area. Cyclists and hikers should bring appropriate rain gear to be prepared for quick changes in weather. Hydration and energy are also important in cycling and hiking, so always bring bottled water and easy trail foods like granola bars to keep in pockets or backpacks.
They left out ear plugs when the bombs go off.

Evidently the CEO of Earth Conservancy is coming to the political rescue of his founder, Paul Kanjorski. Otherwise he would be transparent with the public about the real issues and concerns for using such a site. He claimed on Corbett's show that he went to Kanjorski with this site. Mike, do you ever look at your own maps and drawings? Well at least I did.

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