Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Bonusgate Highlights From Mike Veon's Court Filings

As you about to see Legislator X utilized state resources and state employees way before the Bonusgate period that is paramount in Attorney Tom Corbett's indictments of the participants. Legislator X maintained he was unaware of the alleged criminal activity when he interacted with the employees in an interview with a local newspaper last fall concerning Bonusgate. I beg to differ.

The term "lay of the land" refers to opposition research as described in the original presentment by AG Corbett.

What is being described is the use of state resources against Sean Shamany, Hazleton Area School District School Director who opposed Legislator X in 2004.

From: Winters, Chris
Sent: Friday, July 02, 2004 1:01P.M.
To: Hursh, Rachel; Kraber, C.C., Brubaker, Jennifer
Subject: I need assistance
Importance: High

Good Afternoon ladies! I hope you are all well.

I am working on the lay of the land for (Legislator X). I was curious if you have the opposition research done on his opponent. If so, may I please have it so I can finish this project?

Thank You.

Christopher Winters
Office of Member Services

From: Brubaker, Jennifer
Sent: Friday, July 02, 2004 1:08P.M.
To: Winters, Chris
Cc: Hursh, Rachel; Kraber, C.C.
Subject: RE: I need you assistance...

No we do not. Per our conversations with Dan and Jess, due to session and scheduling issues, we were not able to do our trips to Monroe or Luzerne counties. Kevin Sidella and Jon Price had previously done the school board minutes for (Legislator X's) opponent, but I never received those. Dan and Jess had mentioned they may be able to get some courthouse/background check stuff done on their own. I have some newspaper articles, etc.

From: Winters, Chris (House Democratic Caucus address)
To: Brubacker, Jennifer
CC: Hush, Rachel: Kraber, C.C.
Sent 2004, 07.02 Fri, 13:15:24
Subject: RE: I need you assistance...


I completely understand. I will to get what I can from the gentlemen. If it helps, I will email Dan and Jess and I will go to
(a Northeastern PA town) next week. I need to do my DO review anyway. It will help get some weight off your shoulders plus I can get done what I need to do at the same time. If you need anything else or any canadidate covered/researched, please do not hesitate to ask. You have been always so helpful to me: It is the least I can do to return the favor.

Christopher Winters
Office of Member Services

Here is an email validating direct control by Legislator X.

From: Texter, Cameron (House Democratic Caucus email)
T0: Sidella, Kevin
Sent: 2006, 01,19 Thu, 15:15,09
Subject: Legislator X Reimbursement


I have a question for you. Jon Price and I had to do research for Legislator X. I cannot submit the travel expenses legislatively as we did not have the opportunity to visit Legislator X's office whatsoever, and Legislator X wanted us to let everyone know that we're there doing the research on his behalf and that of the HDCC.

Eric said he would speak to Manzo about getting reimbursed. Did anyone speak to you about it? Should I just deal with Eric and wait? My finances are in a condition that I need reimbursement as soon as possible. I made the trip last Thursday.

Please advise me on what course I should take on this matter.

Your are a true friend.



Cameron Texter
Office of Member Services
Room 604
Main Capitol
House Post Office Box 202020
The Capitol
Harrisburg, PA. 17120-2020
Telephone: Office (717) 772-9971, Cell (717) XXX-XXXX
(I won't post that for obvious reasons)

Let's go back to 1998. Please note that 717-705-1920 is a House Democratic Caucus fax number.

Date: July 23, 1998

To: Joe Powers, HDCC
Fax Number: 705-1920

Mem: Joe, Legislator X fundraising efforts, JR

Chart showing Legislator X's fundraising at 13.2%

Date: Thursday, September 3, 1998

To: Joe Powers, HDCC
Fax Number: 705-1920

Memo: Final draft of Legislator X PACE ad. JR 457-2487

State Representative Legaislator X "Saving PACE"

FAX LETTER 9-21-95 Portable Space Letterhead Exeter, PA. It is worth noting that Legislator X was the owner of Portable Space.

To: Joe Powers

From: Legislator X

Comments: Confidential

Joe, Please call me about this as you can imagine I have a # of questions. Legislator X's initials.

Contract between Legislator X and J.R. Rostkowski and Judy Dessoye of "Northeast Campaigns" and "The Friends of Legislator X Committee"

Is J.R. Rostkowski the same one mentioned in this article as a per diem worker for Central Court?

This legislator has been using state resources and state employees on state time for a very long time. The magnitude of Bonusgate goes far beyond what AG Corbett is prosecuting.

In a time where Harrisburg has no budget, but a huge budget deficit, these actions only convince me that we do not need the size of the legislature, nor the amount of employees. They have created a culture and a machine geard towards elections, not soving the problems of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


Anonymous said...

Why is no one questioning Corbett? Its clear he is even more evil than the legislature... after nearly 3 years of investigating the legislature, and all he can come up with a few charges on a few people!?!?!? Any moron could have brought down the whole capitol by now if they had corbett's recources... he's a joke.

Anonymous said...

There is no way the AG Office can go forward againt Veon and others without the Indictment of alleged actions of Todd Eachus to gain the Majority Leader after reading this blog.

Is Todd Eachus the Sealed Immunity Witness as Legislator X?

Anonymous said...

I just finish the papers of the motion by Veon's Lawyers.

Todd Eachus has some mighty fine explaining to do and if the Attorney General does not do anything about it, then so Tom Corbett.

What I read, Eachus was working on his business, campaigns, and other private matters on state time with state resources.

The faxes, emails, and documents prove it in the motion, or at least need an answer.

Anonymous said...

I can see this quote apply to Eachus, "Samson, for all his strong Body. had a weak Head, or he would not have laid it in a Harlot's lap.

The Scranton Guardian said...

Throw Veon in jail !!!