Thursday, October 18, 2012

What is Gene Stilp Hiding?

Gene Stilp, candidate for the 11th Congressional seat in Pennsylvania, is running of a record of requiring transparency in government.  The question for Mr. Stilp is does he talk the talk or walk the walk?

It appears as though he files by paper, delaying the public release of his reports – and disclosure of exactly who is financing his campaign – by as much as two weeks as the FEC scans and processes his snail-mail reports. Worse, it appears as though he refuses to provide this information when reporters  call to ask.

Citizens’ Voice Story on Campaign Finance for Third Quarter Report:

“Democratic opponent Gene Stilp, did not provide his campaign finance report to The Times-Tribune on Monday.”

Standard Speaker Story on Campaign Finance for Second Quarter Report:

“Efforts to reach Gene Stilp, Barletta's Democratic challenger, or obtain his report were unsuccessful. The deadline for filing the reports was Sunday, but the Federal Election Commission had not posted Stilp's report on its website by late Monday afternoon.”

Citizen’s Voice Story on Campaign Finance for First Quarter Report:

“A report for Gene Stilp, the Harrisburg area activist and consultant opposing Vinsko for the Democratic nomination, was unavailable.”

Here are the records of his filings, third quarter still doesn’t appear:

Mr. Stilp should answer the question since he squarely positioned himself as a crusader agasint government waste and corruption.

Some of his notable donations given his promise to be a crusader for the people is one from Emily Leader, attorney for the Pennsylvania School Boards Association, Mary Cassidy of Arnold & Porter which its many practices include representing pharmaceutical firm interests, Eugene Fleuish, no address listed, Douglas Phelps, no address listed, Carl Mayer, Mayer Law Group which among other specialties focuses on immigration issues, Holly Sebastian, Pennsylvania Department of Education, and a notable one for Pennsylvanians, John Passacantando of Our Next Economy LLC, an activist/envrionmenalist who is campaigns against the coal industry.

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