Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How To Try To Influence Votes And Make Friends

From Bill Vinsko For Congress website:

I am very proud to receive such great support from I.B.E.W. and its outstanding membership. Their workers exemplify the hard-working Americans and Pennsylvanians that I will represent when elected to Congress. They need jobs, the 11th District needs jobs, Pennsylvania needs jobs and America needs jobs. It’s time to ensure that the middle class is protected and that we put America back to work. With the help of IBEW and other great organizations, it can still be done. I want to publicly thank I.B.E.W. and Mike Kwashnik for their faith in my candidacy.

Bill, why don't you ask your Democratic friends in the Senate why they haven't passed any of the 27 jobs bills sitting before them?

On November 18, 2011 Gort published Vinsko's response to Congressman Lou Barletta's fundraising efforts.  Here is one particular statement from Vinsko.

The people of the 11th Congressional District need a congressman who is ready to lead and not to follow; someone who is truly an independent thinker, guided by principle and not party doctrine.

If that check isn't party doctrine then nothing is.

Joe Valenti in Pittston Politics basically makes the case that the magisterial arm of the Pennsylvania Court System is a "quasi political machine" where Vinsko has deep roots.

You see, Bill Amesbury was in Vinsko’s law office from 2003 until he won a spot on the bench. And, I’m sure Vinsko was quite supportive of Amesbury’s run for judge.
Now it’s time to return the favor.

While a District Justice is not allowed to participate in any partisan politics and you’ll never see them at a political rally, the District Justice network is a tight organization that takes care of their own.

And, the only one running for congress that truly has only one degree of separation with that network is Bill Vinsko.

And, no one politician, political organization and or machine can personally touch the vast area of the congressional district with one exception, the District Justice network.

Who said corruption left the Luzerne County Court System?  Maybe it just changed its face with Vinsko being their rally cry.

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WBFF088 said...

Wasn't Vinsko involved with violating Denise Carey's Constitutional Rights?
He must not be a good lawyer if he was. Most people learn about our Constitutional Rights in grade school.