Sunday, December 19, 2010

Congressman-Elect Lou Barletta Receives Committee Assignments

The Times Leader reported that Congressman-Elect Lou Barletta received his comgressional committee assignments.

HAZLETON - U.S. Rep.-elect Lou Barletta received assignments to two committees of the House of Representatives.

The incoming Republican representative of the 11th District will serve on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and the Education and Labor Committee when the 112th Congress convenes next month.

The incoming congressman “went to college to become a teacher. His wife is a teacher, and two of his four daughters are teachers,” said Kelly on Sunday of Barletta’s education background.

He added that Barletta and his wife had owned a construction company before he became mayor, and his father founded a road construction company.

“It seems like a logical fit” for him to sit on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, said Kelly.

In a prepared statement, Barletta said that because transportation is such a vital issue to the 11th District, “it will be a great asset for Northeastern Pennsylvania to have a congressman on this committee.”

Besides having educators in his family, Barletta pointed out that as a parent he has firsthand knowledge of how critical the country’s education system is.

“We have some excellent schools and colleges in this district and we need to make sure that government is doing everything it can to help them carry out their vital mission,” he said in the statement.

Education and transportation also play key roles in the economic recovery of the country, he said.

Jerry Lynott filed the report.

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