Saturday, January 24, 2009

Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts

As the adminstrative arm of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court the Adminstrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts(AOPC) carries out the court's policy and management directives plus other technical and adminstrative support. A search of The Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania website has yet to yield any filings with regards to the anticipated legal wranglings of the Luzerne County Court system. Stay tuned for more updates.

As reported in the Citizen's Voice speculation concludes that the reassignment for two court employees were not retribution but allegiance moves. Judge Mark A. Ciavarella Jr. appointed Ann M. Hoedl and Joseph A. Dessoye to different court jobs. Hoedl, Ciavarella’s executive secretary, was appointed to a job in court administration and Dessoye as a senior law clerk for Judge Joseph M. Augello.

Loutka's staff was dismissedafter the state Court of Judicial Discipline removed their boss from the bench. Ciavarella's actions appear to ensure that the same fate is not met by his staff.

There is a saying "Don't spit in the wind for you never know when it will change direction."

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