Monday, October 18, 2010

Todd Eachus The Propagandist

The propagandist seeks to change the way people understand an issue or situation for the purpose of changing their actions and expectations in ways that are desirable to the interest group.

After listening to Todd Eachus during this campaign season it appears Todd Eachus has one interest and one interest only, the preservation of his cushy $113,500.00 taxpayer paid job. On top of that rate he collected over $27,000.00 in per diems last year, TAX FREE. Healthcare- FEE FREE(unlike the Senate that contributes to their health plan).

To preserve his job Eachus is willing to say anything, do anything, no matter if it crosses the moral line. There is no self serving tactic he won't employ to accomplish his mission. Eachus's public display of confidence to the point of arrogance isn't an act. His self flattery is nothing short of a self protection racket. His rank partisianship is supremely stubborn with his own view while he's incredibly thin skinned about criticism of his actions.

The latest flyer put out by the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee against Tarah Toohil is a prime example. Lie 1.  Tarah Toohil was "hired" by former Judge Mark Ciavarella to work in the Luzerne County Courthouse. Toohil was hired by former Judge Joseph Musto to law clerk for Musto. She never worked for Ciavarella.

Lie 2. Toohil left the courthouse to work WITH an attorney who was defending a second judge embroiled in the "Kids for Cash" scandal. According to Ethics Commission filings Toohil is a sole proprietor. She alone owns and runs her own legal practice.

Misdirect 1. She remained in the building(Luzerne County Courthouse) for months after Ciavarella resigned.  That statement proves she didn't work for Ciavarella.  Besides are they kidding about the fact an attorney admitted to the bar in Luzerne County remained in the Courthouse??  Duhhh...

The flyer has the gall to ask "What Hasn't Tarah Toohil Told Us? 

Here's what Todd Eachus Hasn't Told Us. 

He received a subpoena from the Attorney General to testify in the Bonusgate proceedings.  He refused to tell us anything about that subpoena.

He has yet to return the illegal pay raise he voted for himself. Why Mr. Eachus?

He refused to answer questions about his close association with Robert Powell including telling the public how many times he flew on Robert Powell's jet.

Mr. Eachus is tied closely with and has accepted money from many of the major players and admitted felons: Bob Powell, Robert Mericle and Gregory Skrepenak.

Toohil has these questions for Eachus.

How much taxpayer money was spent on political work by state employees under your direction? During what time period did this occur?

Did you ever utilize state resources improperly in order to assist in campaigns?

Were you aware that your employees were doing political work on state time?

Have you ever used the term "soft dollars" in referencing state money that you directed to be used for political campaigning?

Did you personally make campaign phone calls out of your legislative office?

Did you direct John Paul Jones to do political work on state time?

Did you authorize bonuses (paid with state money) to state employees who did campaign work?

Have you discussed your involvement in Bonusgate with your employees or with your former ally and convicted felon Michael Veon?

Why do you refuse to answer questions from the media regarding your involvement in the Bonusgate Scandal?

To help voters make an informed decision in the race for the 116th Legislative District, the Standard-Speaker proposed holding an issues forum featuring the two candidates in October.

Newspaper editors and a reporter intended to ask questions of House Majority Leader Todd Eachus and his challenger, Republican Tarah Toohil, then publish a story based on the discussion. The Standard-Speaker also planned to record the forum and post the video on its website for readers to view anytime until Election Day.

Toohil accepted the newspaper's invitation, but Eachus declined.

To paraphrase the flyer "TODD EACHUS HAS SOMETHING TO HIDE". Otherwise he wouldn't refuse to debate Tarah Toohil or take her questions.

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